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About North Sikkim

North Sikkim is center of Sikkim tourism and hence this is one of our operational areas. We have our own set up and the packages are handled by Tibet Tours and Travels i.e. our travel desk. It is called as the flower valley, replete with approximately 500 waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, and the majestic snow covered Himalayas. All these make North Sikkim a heaven in earth. A standard North Sikkim tour starts from Gangtok then via Kabi Lungtsok, Phodong, Mangan, Singhik and Chungthang then from here it goes either away to the flower valley of Yumthang or Gurudongmar. On the way lies Singhba Rhododendron Sanctuary and Kanchendzonga National Park. In the month of March to May the scenic beauty of this area reaches its height when an immense variety of alpine flora blossoming in the hills and the valleys. North has the spectacles of nature along with bountiful of flora and fauna, so join us in this journey of moment. You will be glad - You made it.

This historical place is 17 kilometers from Gangtok on the North Sikkim highway. This is where the historic treaty of blood brotherhood between the Lepcha Chief Te – Kung -Tek and the Bhutia Chief Khey – Bum - Sar was signed ritually. The spot where the ceremony took place is marked by a memorial stone pillar amidst the cover of dense forest. The spot where the treaty was signed is marked by a memorial stone and is seen on the left side of the road while traveling from Gangtok to Mangan. The statue of Unity erected near the Thakurbari Temple in Gangtok is in memory of this event.

The confluence of the river Lachen Chu and Lachung Chu, giving rise to River Teesta in North Sikkim. It is the junction for the two passes, Lachen 29 kilometers and Lachung 23 kilometers. From here the highway splits in two, right towards Lachung, and left, to Lachen; both places renown for their scenic beauty. The valley is believed to have been blessed by guru Rimpoche and one can visit the Holy Guru Ihedu to see the foot and palm left behind by the patron saint. The place, rich in Bio - Diversity with a large variety of orchids, plants & wild life, is 95 kilometers from Gangtok.


This hamlet is situated at a height of 2500 meters (8200 feet). It is 23 kilometers from Chungthang and an idyllic mountain village set amidst apple orchards and lofty peaks on both sides has an ethereal alpine glow. During spring time, the meadows are alive with exotic wild flowers that cover the valley in charming hues.

At an elevation of 3600 meters (11811 feet) & 143 kilometers. from Gangtok, is a paradise for nature lovers with a fascinating blend of flora & fauna and breathtaking scenic grandeur of the rhododendrons. The roadside is covered with rhododendron shrubs and trees, the entire valley colors in May. Yumthang "Tsa-Chu" or the hot spring on the left bank of Lachung Chu is immensely popular for its curative and healing power. It is well known for its hot springs. Many varieties of rhododendrons along with alpine flowers paint and help flourish & color the entire region. The route has a very picturesque landscape. Yumesamdong and Dhonkyla are 31 Kilometers i.e. an hour drive beyond Yumthang through the rugged mountain road takes you to an elevation of 4663 meters / 14314 feet, an area where the sweet fragrance of Azalea fills the air. It’s invigorating and exhilarating, but words still to fail to explain the experience of being at Yumesamdong. 45 minutes drive i.e. approximately 25 kilometers is the paradise called Kataou, a place dazzling with ice and the serenity will please you.

A small hamlet some 70 kilometers from Gangtok, the place offers one of the most spectacular views of Mt. Kanchendzonga and its ranges. The area also has a number of interesting short nature trails for 1 to 3 days along the higher ridges of the surrounding hills.

Set at an elevation of 2750 meters (9022 feet), slightly higher than that of Lachung, Lachen too has its apple orchards and alpine views. Lachen is the starting point to some of North Sikkim’s most interesting treks. Gurudongmar and Chopta valley are must for any tourist. Lachen also serves as the base camp to some of North Sikkim’s most interesting treks.

Situated at a height of 5425 meters (17799 feet) and at a distance of 177 kilometers from Gangtok. It is considered one of the sacred lakes of the state both by the Buddhists and the Hindus. The Lake remains milky in color throughout the year and it is believed that Guru Padmasambhava blessed it. A portion of the lake does not freeze even in extreme winter and remains milky in color throughout the year; it is the source of river Lachen Chu. The most fascinating view from here is of Mount Siniolchu, a marvel of nature considered by many as the world’s most beautiful peak, another glorious sight of Mount Khanchendzonga, a spectacular close-up of the world’s third highest mountain. During spring time, the meadows are alive with exotic wild flowers that cover the valley in charming hues.

Park has an area of 850 square kilometers covering the highest elevation ranging approximately from 1800 meters / 5905 meters to 7000 meters / 22965 feet, in the country is a feast to the eyes. Spectacular wilderness and undisturbed forest wilderness attracting nature & adventure lovers from all over the world cover. There are many glaciers and Zemu Glacier is the longest and most awesome. The lofty Mt. Kanchendzonga (8585 meters i.e. 28165 feet) which literally means 'Abode of Gods consisting of five Treasure Houses' i.e. the five peaks are  Narshing , Pandim, Simvo, Kabru and Siniolchu. In the Alpine scrub and grass the common shrubs found are Mecohopsis, Primula Rhododendron, etc. besides these there are many medicinal plants. Animals found are Snow leopard, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan black bear, Red panda etc.

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